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LUMI22 Supreme Essence 30's

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Product Description

  • LUMI22 Supreme Essence: Just 1 sachet every morning, you take in the world's best age-reversing formula for Brighter, Firmer & Younger-Looking Skin, from top to toe.  It delivers 26% Skin Luminosity & 19% Skin Firming improvement in 8 weeks.
  • 4 Steps Functions for age-reversing formula: 
    • 1. Cell Detoxification
    • 2. Cell Restoration 
    • 3. Cell Protection
    • 4. Cell Rejuvenation
  • LUMI22 Supreme Essence is a highly bioavailable food supplement formulation which combines both primary and secondary antioxidants through revolutionary biotechnology from France, Swiss and Japan such as French Melon Extract (SOD), Apple Stem Cell, Hydrolised Marine Collagen & Elastin Peptide etc, that brings you an inside-out chain solution to your youth.
  • But here’s a secret, a healthy liver has always been the key to glowing skin! LUMI22 Supreme Essence boosts of a unique super formulation that restores liver health, e.g. Milk Thistle extracts. A strong liver produces more Glutathione in our body, which is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants to neutralise oxidative stress and free radicals. Besides, they are also effective in lightening dark melanin which protects you from UV rays while improving overall skin complexion.
  • Moreover, each ingredient in this super formulation serves a unique benefit. It starts by detoxifying and restoring our cells & liver and then going all out in turning your body into a powerhouse for primary antioxidants.


  • LUMI22 Supreme Essence,至尊精华素集合法国, 瑞士和日本最尖端的天然生物科技以针对如何全面解读皮肤衰老的基因密码和回复肌肤青春。它以最快的8周内让你全身[皮肤透亮],[肌肤收紧],[皱纹淡化]和[全面冻龄]。
  • 每天早晨只有一个香囊。您将采用世界上最好的逆龄成分。瑞士苹果干细胞,法国甜瓜提取物(SOD),水解的海洋胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白肽,虾青素等
  • 皮肤光度提高26%。皮肤弹性提高19%在8周内
  • 一种强大的配方,可为您的皮肤活力带来多种益处。
  • 完整的美学护理,可为您带来终极的营养。
  • 第一个具有4步动作的独特公式。
    1) 细胞排毒 2) 细胞修复 3) 细胞防御 和 4)细胞再生。
  • 您需要从内而外发光的解决方案。
    Lumi22 Supreme Essence,您最好的抗衰老秘诀。令肌肤更白皙,紧致和年轻!


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